Since the beginning of TV, entertainment and advertising have been closely intertwined. In the 1950s, companies sponsored programs such as “The Colgate Comedy Hour,” where it was common to hear pitches for household products before the show and even see them mentioned in the program’s narratives.
But as technology evolved, more consumers fast-forwarded through ads and cut the cord altogether.
Brands sought out viral video content that they could sponsor on social media, fueling the growth of companies such as BuzzFeed and Vox.
Now, businesses and advertisers are going a step further by partnering directly with filmmakers.

That is us! 


As brand storytelling becomes a necessity, not a luxury, We can help!

We cater to  budget-conscious brands.

Our Process

Business Meeting

Discovery & Meet Up

The first step of the creative process is to hold a meeting with you and your team to discuss what you would like the project to achieve. We discuss the purpose and message of the video, target audience and what you like them to feel and do after watching the video, we talk about logistics, timelines and budgets. We really get to know each other by asking questions


Before we begin production, our process is designed to discover your true purpose and the intended audience so we can determine the best way to connect with them whilst working within your budgetary and time demands.

Concept Developement

Next comes the series of brainstorming sessions and working out creative solutions that fit your needs. We create a Production Package for you that proposes concepts, outlines the story, introduces looks we hope to achieve summarizes the requirements to execute each concept and presents the updated schedule.


Production Management

We develope a project schedule that considers budgets, timelines and all the overall requirements. We will manage the entire project from concept to delivery communication with you regularly.


Upon approval of the outlined production package, we begin filming. We head out to conduct interviews & shoot broll if we are shooting a documentary style video or if it is more narrative driven story piece we start shooting on set with the actors... we pretty much shoot whatever we need for you to have original content! Dependant on your needs, it might be a one man band or a 10 person crew on set. We've done it all and love it all.

Rough Cut

After all the footage and assets are collected, we dive into the edit. We organize the media, find the music, create any motion graphics and grab any voiceover or ADR if needed. The rough cut allows you the opportunity for any feedback and ensures the video meets your expectations.

Fine Cut

We take your feedback from the previous cut and address any structural changes, put in final music and graphics, and do a color pass.

Final Cut


The final cut includes all color correcting and audio clean up as well as all the final touches that makes your video special.


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